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Type of Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture must endure prolonged exposure to wind and sun, necessitating materials that are waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and UV-resistant. Let's explore the different types of outdoor furniture based on their material composition.


Outdoor furniture can be categorized into five types based on the material:
1.Sturdy and soft Iron-Rattan furniture
2. Natural and breathable cane furniture
3. Bold and delicate seaweed furniture
4. Low-maintenance rattan furniture
5. Cool and traditional retro iron furniture.


The texture of rattan iron furniture is mild, with beautiful cast iron lines and a cold temperament. The combination of the two creates a perfect balance between rigidity and softness, making it especially suitable for outdoor use. The most popular type of rattan iron furniture is the one with an iron bracket and rattan basket. When choosing rattan iron furniture, sit on it to test if there are any cracking sounds when shaking or under overweight pressure; also check if the welding points are firm and if there are no exposed joints on the surface of the rattan. Good quality rattan iron furniture should have smooth and solid welding points, as well as a smooth surface without any rough edges.


The most natural and breathable rattan furniture is made of flexible rattan, which gives designers a "wood-like" material to create furniture with a creative and fresh feeling that cannot be compared to other materials. Its natural attributes make it the most breathable material. When choosing rattan furniture, it is best to select thick, long, symmetrical, and colorless rattan for better quality. Poor quality rattan tends to be thin, less tough, has low tensile resistance, and is prone to breakage. Therefore, when examining the surface of the rattan rod, pay special attention to whether the joint part is rough or uneven.


The Seaweed Furniture, designed by French designer Kenneth Chen, is made from seaweed produced in the Philippines. After undergoing strict drying, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, and mildew-proof procedures, this material becomes highly flexible and can be used to create various furniture pieces and home accessories. With a "skeleton" made of tonal iron wire combined with seaweed as the seat's load-bearing structure, this sofa is specially designed for both aesthetics and functionality. Due to its waterproofing, anti-corrosion properties and resistance to mildew after rigorous processing, Seaweed Furniture can be placed outdoors in gardens or on balconies.


Rattan outdoor furniture requires careful maintenance as the hidden dust can make the gaps between the vines look unattractive. Therefore, it is more suitable for semi-indoor and outdoor terraces. However, there are also imitation rattan outdoor furniture options available that are specifically designed for outdoor use, providing peace of mind. These imitations mimic the color and shape of real rattan and are woven with plastic strips. Some exquisite imitations are even difficult to distinguish from real rattan. Additionally, imitation rattan furniture can be made in various colors and patterns, allowing for creative customization such as bold attempts like dirty gray-black shades. If you have extra space outdoors, placing a rattan sofa bed would be ideal to enjoy soaking up the sunshine.


Iron furniture has always held an important position due to its visually appealing and cool effect, making it highly popular during hot summer weather. Currently, the market offers two types of iron furniture: cast iron and wrought iron. Wrought iron furniture, especially those with intricate craftsmanship, exude the charm of European classics. Regardless of whether it is wrought or cast iron, both require thorough treatment to remove oil, impurities, rust and corrosion; therefore, attention should be paid to ensure a smooth surface. Additionally, it is essential to inquire about moisture-proof treatment.

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